Project profile

Germany, Greece, France, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland
01/04/2021 - 31/03/2024


  • Co-Design a SW stack for future European Exascale Systems and release it in production-ready quality
  • Provide tools for mapping complex applications on heterogeneous & modular supercomputer architectures
  • Support emerging memory technologies and enable efficient data placement on memory hierarchies
  • Extract maximum performance from systems and improve performance portability


  • HPC systems are highly heterogeneous
    • Heterogeneity in processor, memory and network
    • Different codes run better on different components
    • Programming models might be vendor-specific
  • This puts a burden on application developers, who must:
    • Understand very well their codes and the HW
    • Decide where to run each part of their codes
    • Port codes to different technologies
    • Optimise codes for different platforms
  • DEEP-SEA simplifies and automates these tasks and provides near-production quality solutions
Figure 1: DEEP-SEA fully supports the Modular System Architecture (MSA).

Status / Highlights

  • Co-design process resulted in definition of SW stack
  • Optimisation Cycles capture and streamline mapping, performance analysis and optimization tasks
  • Continuous Integration (CI) ensures SW stack consistency
  • 2nd SW stack version rolled out end of 2022
  • Seven co-design applications test & validate SW stack components, and guide further development

Project coordinator

Forschungszentrum Jülich


Address: Germany